Internet, Web, and Other Post-Watergate Concerns

Q. What is the plural of e-mail when it’s used as a noun? Is it e-mail or e-mails? There’s been a bit of controversy over this as a lot of people say “e-mails” but the plural form of mail, when used as a noun, is mail. Then, there’s e-mailings. Thanks!

Q. Is there a proper format for creating an e-mail?

Q. Which is currently accepted: Web site, web site, website, or Website?

Q. I edit documents used in the healthcare informatics domain, where e-health, eHealth, e-community, e-practice, and other ever-growing variations on the “e-” are present. If the “e-” or the “e” plus a word begins a sentence, I am capitalizing that darn “e.” Otherwise, it looks very strange. Am I correct?

Q. I get so tired of reading about writers using their “spell-checkers” on their computers. Surely they mean “spelling-checkers” don’t they? I’ve always thought that only wizards use “spell-checkers”—what do you think? I love CMOS—read it all the time—I start browsing and I can’t stop! Thanks again for a great resource!

Q. I could not find the term “dot-com” addressed, and I need to know how to capitalize it and punctuate it. I have seen both, and dot-com. Which is correct? In capitalizing titles, is it or Dot.Com (in title headings, etc.)?

Q. We are debating in our office how to refer to our website when the URL appears at the beginning of the sentence. Would we capitalize the first letter (i.e., [address changed for this forum]) or not (i.e., Are there any conventions around dropping the “www” (i.e., If so, would we capitalize the first letter (i.e., What about all caps (i.e., ABCD.COM or WWW.ABCD.COM)?

Q. Is there a proper way to mention the names of computer games in text? Italics? Quotes?

Q. I work for a Québec government department and we are trying to make our English websites consistent. Capitalization is a real problem. We had thought we should treat choices on menus like side heads and capitalize only the first word, but browsing through the Net, we find a lot of sites that capitalize all the important words in the menu choices in their sidebars. Do you have any advice on this point? The University of Chicago Press does NOT capitalize its menu ( ). Is that my answer?

Q. We’re trying to find a definitive style for representing file names, commands, and computer buttons (e.g., click “exit”) in text. For file names, for example, I’ve found quotation marks, italics, all caps, boldface . . . you name it, including no differentiation at all. How would you suggest treating a file name in a sentence such as “Open the readme.rtf file before continuing with the installation”? What about commands in a sentence such as “Click on File and select Open”?