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[Forum] RE: Adjectives after “be”-verbs ...
[quote]The procedure was time tested. The software is state of the art. The innovation is cutting edge.[/quote] [list=1] [*][url=][/url] [*][url=

[Forum] RE: left
[quote='cheech1981' pid='9014' dateline='1364225550'] Minor note: should "his place" be "her place"? [/quote]No, she had visited him at his place. Thanks for your insights & votes.

[Forum] RE: Turn off Ridge Road or turn off of Ridge Road?
[i]Off of[/i] is a preposition that means [i]off[/i]. As noted on that page, [i]off of[/i] is considered idiomatic, so if you want to prioritize one of them in formal writing, choose [i]off[/i].

[Forum] RE: word usage
It should be "compliments of." See the second definition 2(b) on this page in Merriam-Webster:

[Forum] RE: Capitalization of fields in a database
I'd say capitalize, no quotes. See [url=]this[/url].

[Forum] RE: Capitalize name of place
Used generically—in the sense of "a harbor town or city where ships may take on or discharge cargo," as defined by Merriam-Webster—I wouldn't. In this particular case, assuming you mean [url=]the place in Croatia[/url], I'm more inclined to capitalize it. I

[Forum] word choice
Re "Suddenly," the use of adjectives and adverbs in fiction is a touchy subject. This is what a former [b]literary agent[/b] had to say recently on twitter: --- Writers, beware of "suddenly" "at that very moment" and "just then." Tension should be evident enough to make them unnecessary. -

[Forum] Semicolon versus Comma with Quoted Dialogue
Hi, friends, In the two sentences below, may I place a semicolon after the words [i]hopefully[/i] and [i]Alec[/i]? I know that an option would be to place a period after each; then we could resume the second part of the quote by starting another sentence and capping the first word. (E.g., “In the

[Forum] RE: Prepositional Phrases in Headlines
Merriam-Webster is my go-to for this issue. If you go to, you'll find [i]according to[/i] listed as a preposition: Ditto [i]out of[/i]:

[Forum] RE: 14-year-old daughter's English test
[quote='GRUMPY' pid='16814' dateline='1390694943'] My fourteen-year-old daughter's English teacher deducted points from her English test. The teacher said the verb choices below are correct. I beg to differ. Number one should be "is," not "are." And in the second, the verb should be "wants," not "w

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