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[Forum] Multiple hyphens in compound modifier containing "century"
I can't find a specific example in CMOS that addresses this particular construction. Which is correct? Early-to-mid-nineteenth-century reports indicate that. . . or Early to mid-nineteenth-century reports indicate that. . . I'm inclined toward the first though it seems cumbersome.

[Forum] 19th or Nineteenth Amendment?
For the 19th Amendment, is it correct to use the numbers or should you always spell out Nineteenth?

[Forum] Hyphen
Hi, all! How would you hyphenate "oilskin duster-clad man"? (A duster is a long overgarment to protect clothing from dust.) The phrase is tricky because "oilskin" really modifies "duster"--not "man" or "duster-clad." The example "late nineteenth-century literature" from CMOS 7.87 doesn't seem to

[Forum] RE: hyphens
What about late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries?

[Forum] RE: 19th or Nineteenth Amendment?
Spell it out. See this section:

[Forum] RE: hyphenation with "century"
Except since the "late" applies to "nineteenth century" and not to the politicians (Well sure, they're dead by now, but I assume that's not what was meant), perhaps there should be an additional hyphen.

[Forum] RE: hyphens
I wouldn't hyphenate anything in that example. You wouldn't write [i]late-nineteenth century[/i], after all. Nothing is being modified here, whereas in the preceding examples, the subject is [i]photographs[/i].

[Forum] RE: hyphenation with "century"
Ah, and CMOS agrees with you. Look at where it discusses "late nineteenth-century" specifically.

[Forum] RE: hyphens
But in the section titled "Compounds Formed with Specific Terms," the hyphenation table also gives us [i]late nineteenth-century photographs[/i]. So on that basis, I would go with [i]late eighteenth-century Rome[/i].

[Forum] RE: "Mid" strictly per Chicago
Shoot. I just took a test with that on there. I hyphenated it. It was mid-nineteenth century. I have never, ever, seen midnineteenth century. Never. I don't like it a bit. Pinky? Is this from the 16th or 17th version? I tried to look it up because the section I looked in said, with th

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