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[Forum] Title of TV show as chapter title
I'm editing a short story where the client wants to use the title of an in-world TV show as the title of one of her chapters. Imagine [i]The Big Bang Theory[/i] as an entire chapter title. Within the work itself, should the chapter title be italicized? (Chapter 11: [i]The Big Bang Theory[/i]; Cha

[Forum] Chapter title
This may seem like the worlds easiest question but I'm wondering how you simply write out chapter titles Like for example do you write Chapter Two Or all capitalized? CHAPTER TWO I seem to get different answers everywhere. Any help would be appreciated-am simply wondering format for writi

[Forum] RE: chapter eleven
When referring to a chapter in a book, the chapter and number should be lowercase. However, Chapter 11 bankruptcy refers to a specific law, and laws and ordinances are typically capped (according to examples I've found in CMOS and online).

[Forum] RE: Chapters by different authors
How weird, Pixna. I guess you don't want to do dittos? Or how about Chapter 1 - Chapter 21 by Tom Smith Chapter 22 - by George Hightower Chapter 23- by George Hightower Chapter 24 - by T.H.E. End

[Forum] Chapter number references in text
The author has spelled out chapter titles in headings (Chapter Seven, etc.), but I seem to remember seeing somewhere that [i]references[/i] to chapters should use numerals ("In Chapter 7, I discuss axe juggling"). Is this right? Thanks!

[Forum] chapter eleven
Do these look okay (as a matter of style) by lowercasing the word "chapter" and spelling out the numbers? He read chapter one. She filed chapter eleven. TY

[Forum] RE: What would you do?
I'd accept. Getting your name out there never hurts. Regarding the troublesome chapters, if I were reading a large textbook with uneven editing from chapter to chapter, and if I knew a single copy editor had worked on it, I'd chalk up the chapter-specific inconsistencies and error to the chapter's a

Thank you, But if the chapter hasn't number? For me it's important the author of the chapter of the catalogue and the title of this chapter. I want to be precise.

[Forum] Numbered chapter parts and so on
In the document I'm reviewing, the author refers to his/her chapters in two different ways: 1. In chapter four.... 2  In the third chapter,... So, according to CMS 8.180, I would change the first example to "In chapter 4".

[Forum] RE: Numerals for chapters of a different book
Thanks, RG. My greatest concern was that if readers saw it as "chapter 1," meaning a different book, and then "chapter 1" referring to the present book, they would think the former also meant the first chapter of this book. I suppose it's unlikely that the reader will notice the distinction made wit

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