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[Forum] Capitalization of internal references
Our engineers insist on capitalization of internal references in text--table, figure, appendix, chapter, section, etc. The CSE Manual (to which CMOS defers) and technical style do seem to endorse the capitalization and many technical journals also prefer the capitalization. Note, however, that th

[Forum] German capitalization
11.42 gives a traditional description of capitalization in German: all nouns. However, a plan called Rechtschreibreform encourages capitalization in "normal" form. I asked two German friends to help me get correct German into my draft novel. One shot back traditional capitalization; the other t

[Forum] RE: dog breeds and capitalization
I'm not questioning the capitalization of "Great Dane" or "Great Pyrenees," but I am asking [i]why[/i] the "great" portion of the name is capitalized. Merriam-Webster shows the capitalization, but there is no explanation as to why.

[Forum] RE: Nouns followed by numbers
[quote='bhavrush' pid='39308' dateline='1573333983'] It’s the name of a security post. The sign on the front of the building says Post 3. But I will lowercase it.[/quote] As RGJ noted, your own judgment is key in this case. Regarding capitalization, however, most signs feature title-style capita

[Forum] RE: Capitalization
Hi, and welcome to the forum! Section 8.159 can help you with headline-style capitalization: [url][/url] Section 8.156 can help you with sentence-style capitalization: [url][

[Forum] RE: capitalization of "the city"
Thanks, RJ for helping me think this through. Yeah, the more I considered it, even if it were right to do, I think it might not be worth doing because of the irritation factor alone. Go with no capitalization. millari

[Forum] RE: animal breeds and capitalization
why is the "red" in Rhode Island Red capitalized? It doesn't fall under the capitalization guidelines as spelled out by CMOS.

[Forum] Capitalization of "Than" in Titles
I was looking at 8.157 Principles of headline-style capitalization, and wondering how to treat the word [i]than[/i]. Would you capitalize it when it's a conjunction but not when it's a preposition?

[Forum] RE: Capitalization of slognas in translation
This is just my first instinct, but I would follow the source language's capitalization style for proper nouns for those terms.

[Forum] capitalization within quoted material
Here's a sentence: xxx notes, "The questions of ‘who am I?’, ‘what do I want to do in life?’ and ‘how do I prepare for that?’ became more robust than they had been for me in adolescence." do the who, what and how demand capitalization??

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