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[Forum] goddamnit or goddammit
Hi everyone :) What's your take on the 'correct' spelling of this word: "goddammit" or "goddamnit". I understand if it wasn't smushed together as one word the correct spelling would be "God damn it". But in a one-word usage, this forum, Microsoft Word and the like are saying "goddamnit" is incorrec

[Forum] Merriam-Webster: Abridged v. Unabridged
Fellow editors, I realize this might not be the best place to ask this question, but since so many of you have answers for everything else I've asked about here, I figured I'd give it a shot. I subscribe to the MW online dictionary--$30 a year or so--because it's easy to use and I hate the ads

[Forum] Spelling out social titles in dialogue (Ms. vs Miss)
So I know that in dialogue, we spell out titles like "Mister" or "Missus." What I can't figure out is "Ms.," which is a different word from "Miss," so that isn't a totally accurate spelling. Obviously "Ms." (pronounced "miz") implies that martial status is unknown, while "Miss" suggests being single

[Forum] spelling of Bulgari/Bvlgari
Hi folks, This is about the famous fancy jewelry/watch designer. I have an author spelling it in Times New Roman font as [i]Bvlgari[/i], which I sort of get, because that's how it's spelled on their website, but it's spelled that way because of a graphic design affectation on their part, where t

[Forum] RE: nerve wracking after the noun
[i]CMOS 17[/i] (Section 5.250: "Good Usage Versus Common Usage") recommends this: [i][b]rack; wrack[/b][/i]. The spelling [i]rack[/i] is complex: it accounts for nine different nouns and seven different verbs. Indeed, it is standard in all familiar senses {[i]racking his brain[/i]} {racked with g

[Forum] Can I use British spelling with CMOS punctuation?
I'm copyediting a book containing essays by (exclusively) British authors who wish to retain their British spelling, which we are going to do. However, the book is being published by an American publisher that uses Chicago. I want to change the British punctuation to Chicago (change single to do

[Forum] CMOS style?
Sometimes I'm amazed at how much info the dictionary has! I'm almost in love with the editors of Merriam-Webster's and CMOS. I know, it's sick and pathetic! You could maybe consider "pair" versus "pairs" just a spelling issue, not style. Most of my publishers that I work with instruct their copye

[Forum] RE: nine-one-one OR nine one one?
I can only give my personal view on this. I would not spell all these out. If someone is dialing 911, then the action has to "move." You don't want to slow the reader down by spelling it out. First they have to read the words, transfer them to another part of the brain where the numbers are, and

[Forum] Historical place-names
I am working on an edited collection about the history of the Caribbean, and I have discovered that the spelling of the names of islands--particularly names from the colonial period--is anything but standard. For example, to choose a timely case, the French colony that later became Haiti was called

[Forum] A hint on research
Hi, JT, When I need an authoritative answer on a name spelling, I look beyond merely Googling the name or term, although you can gauge the correct answer there by seeing which spelling pops up the most frequently in your Google search (sort of like "Ask the Audience" in [i]Who Wants to Be a Milli

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