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[Forum] RE: English terms with sacred aspect in other language(s)
[quote='Lingordon' pid='28683' dateline='1461770613'] I occasionally see powwow but have never met any resistance to changing it to pow-pow, which is my personal preference. As for tipi vs. teepee, I can't recall ever coming across the latter in anything written by an Indigenous Canadian. Perhaps i

[Forum] RE: saying oo and ahh
By "unconventional spellings," I don't think they mean typos, do they? My understanding of typos is that you can silently correct them if an awareness of the mistake is not critical to the material. But you don't correct if "the passage quoted is from an older work or a manuscript source where idios

[Forum] RE: Spelling
Merriam-Webster uses "or" to indicate equal weight and "also" to identify an alternative spelling, as described [url=]here[/url]. CMOS prefers the first form when two forms are given equal weight, as described in [url=http://www.chicagomanualo

[Forum] RE: spelling checkers
Is this Grammarly by any chance? I have used that and, although it is better than Word's spelling/grammar checker, it still has the limitations of machine checking (meaning that you're lucky if it catches 1% of errors in your document). I don't remember what dictionary, if any, Grammarly used.

[Forum] RE: UK English spelling
Cambodia! We use UK English spelling mostly.

[Forum] focussed vs focused - role of the dictionary
What is the role of the dictionary? I sent a query to another person with regard to the spelling of the past tense of focus. I am confused, as focussed is a word in the dictionary (See Oxford and Cambridge online dictionaries). Is this the difference between UK and US English, as in travelli

[Forum] RE: e-mail versus email
Most of my clients, primarily websites and consumer magazines, have made the leap to "email." Although Web11 still prefers e-mail, in the context of my clients' content, the hyphenated spelling looks old-fashioned. I think "email" will ultimately prevail, but for now the choice seems to depend on co

[Forum] RE: saying oo and ahh
When I give workshops to fine arts grad students, I tell them they should check anything they're not sure about. Handouts always include the names of well-known artists, and almost [i]no one[/i] ever catches the spelling mistakes in the names. When we review, I ask if they're familiar with Artist

[Forum] RE: International readership; South African/British usage
J. K. Rowling, writing under the name Robert Galbraith, just came out with The Cuckoo's Calling, edited for the American audience. Just searching around for the common spelling differences you mentioned, I found "flavor" but not "flavour" in the book, and "organize" but not "organise." I agree

[Forum] Grammar hits the workplace
My wife is one of the 12.2% of Californians who has been out of work for several months. Last week, she applied for a customer service job and their FIRST requirement was that the prospective employee pass a SPAG test. They required at least an 80% grade on spelling, punctuation and grammar. (She go

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