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[Forum] RE: Resume Style Question Re Using Periods
RG, as for periods if there were several sentences, I'd probably then use periods. However, I'd recommend using short punchy phrases as she has here. And, in that case, I'd omit the periods.

[Forum] RE: Periods (or not) in U.S.A. in dialogue
Chicago style omits the periods in "US" but doesn't offer any help for "USA." I would skip the periods myself.

[Forum] RE: periods or no periods in acronym?
Acronyms don't have periods in them, as they're pronounced like the word they create. See [url=]CMOS 10.2[/url] for examples.

[Forum] RE: Plural of Ph.D.
CMOS 10.20 shows no periods. However, other grammar books advocate periods for academic degrees. Both ways are acceptable. In court documents that I proofread, I see Ph.D.s written with the periods.

[Forum] OK to change abbreviation in referenced org name?
We are are shifting our style from U.S. to US (no periods). The U.S. Department of Defense uses the periods. Is it OK to omit them when I refer to them in my writing, or should I honor their style? Does it matter? I see that CMOS omits the periods in a link the the department's website, but th

[Forum] periods or no periods in acronym?
Author has made up an acronym, BOSS, to stand for body, oak, sweet, and sour. Periods or no?

[Forum] Keeping periods in initialisms for official names
I'm editing a book in which entities such as the U.S. Department of Labor are referred to. House style (and now Chicago) prefer no periods (so US). Are the periods in the name of the department official, or should they be removed per the style guide? Thanks.

[Forum] spaces after periods
After much searching of CMS online, I can't find a rule about spacing after periods, colons, etc. There are entries related to electronic manuscripts and "typeset matter" but not website content. Does the "single space after periods and colons" rule apply also to non-typeset matter?

[Forum] re: U.S./US
That's true. I don't use periods with "PhD" or "MD." But for some reason, "US" just doesn't look quite as right to me without periods. Still, I'm incorporating it into our house style. Perhaps with seeing it more, I'll get used to it. :)

[Forum] RE: Periods (or not) in U.S.A. in dialogue
I can't quote a source, but I would use periods in the abbreviation. Every time I see "US" I think of the personal pronoun in all caps.

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