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[Forum] Capitalization for names of modules in text
[i]Based on the Feierstein model, the structure of JRK consists of two modules, a Memoryless Predistorter for ND elimination and an Adaptive Filter for MD elimination, as shown in Fig. 2.[/i] Now, that figure shows two modules labelled Memoryless Predistorter Adaptive Filter and the capitaliza

[Forum] RE: Capitalization of "the" before store/restaurant name?
Well, I'm not prepared to speculate on what's more important in the Grand Scheme of Things™, but I'm willing to say that personally, my taste in places to be doesn't run toward malls. I have, however, spent more time with Grateful Dead music than I should probably admit.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization for god, lord
Yes, we're looking at different words. In my desire to be polite, I didn't type it out explicitly, but [url=]here's the one I looked up[/url]. It's my contention that most of the time when people roll that one out, they're not literally invoking God.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization for god, lord
I lowercase it because M-W does (although they note that it's "often capitalized," so I guess they would consider it optional). Really, I think that in general, it's used far more often as a generic expletive or to add emphasis rather than as a specific call for the Creator of the Universe to visit

[Forum] RE: Capitalization
Thanks for helping me double check, ljackson8. I had looked it up in Webster's and found the same. But when I looked up Rotarian later (part of the same doc I'm working on), I noticed that it was capitalized. No wonder English is so hard to learn!

[Forum] Capitalization in speech
This helps. Thank you. I appreciate the reference and can use it with the person I'm working with. However, it deals more with quotations from other sources than with dialogue in a work of fiction. I wonder why CMOS appears not to deal with the writing of fiction.

[Forum] Thanks
Thanks ... I've never heard, however, of a "derived adjective" rule, or that philosophies, ancient or otherwise, are necessarily capitalized. I'm genuinely curious about this, though, so I'm hoping others will chime in. I'm also curious how Wikipedia manages matters like capitalization.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization for names of modules in text
I agree. I would not capitalize those phrases in regular text, and I'd probably leave them caps in the figure itself. But I could be wrong about the figures, so don't go by my opinion on that. My experience with this is quite limited.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization of "counties" in "Austin and Travis Counties"
Thanks so much! That's exactly the approach I've been using. In the reports I work on, I see smart people not capitalizing it frequently enough that I figured I would eventually be called on to defend the change. I appreciate your help!

[Forum] RE: Reference list: Capitalizing the titles & How much information?
Welcome to the forum, Tamara. Regarding capitalization in a thesis, I would advise you to first check with your professor, department, or graduate school to see if there are any specific required styles for your university or department. Some graduate schools are amazingly particular. A family me

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