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[Forum] giving feedback to poor writers
Hi! I'm copyediting a story for someone whose writing is very rough. I have edits on almost every other line, with scores of comma splices, missing punctuation, and mistaken words (peel/peal, alter/altar, etc.) and other very basic grammatical errors. The writer is not a youngster and has a colle

[Forum] Format for dialogue that contains written words?
I know CMOS does not really cover fiction, but I'm at a loss in this situation! If within a portion of dialogue the character reads a note aloud, that would normally be enclosed in single quotation marks, right? OK, so the note read aloud by this character is written by a Jewish character, so it con

[Forum] RE: saying oo and ahh
[i]Pluralize[/i] is a word! ([url=]According to Merriam-Webster[/url], anyway.) The spelling of "ooh" is [url=]here[/url], the spelling of "aah" is [url=]here[

[Forum] mullion/transom construction or mullion-transom construction ?
Hello there, I’m looking for the correct spelling of this compound. The German translation (better: original word) is: Pfosten-Riegel-Konstruktion (1), that means both elements are part of the construction. There is a difference to the spelling: Pfosten-/Riegel-Konstruktion (2): only one of th

[Forum] RE: Spelling bee!
That's a lot of fun! Thank you!

[Forum] Dangling hyphens with closed and hyphenated compounds
The problem words are: overdeveloped and less-developed (needs to be written based on Oxford dictionary spelling in MLA style -- I know, it's a bit unusual). I am supposed to proofread a friend's paper. Anyway, the constructions presented to me (in connection with countries) are: a) over and l

[Forum] RE: Apostrophe in "Presidents' Day" but not "Veterans Day"?
Because government :) The second link provides the official reason for the lack of a comma in "Veterans Day": [quote="Wikipedia"]While the holiday is commonl

[Forum] Re: Style sheet
For me a [i]style sheet [/i]is just the list of special terminology used in the work. I include words that have special spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization, as well as terms that seem to be industry-specific. Other than the work-specific style sheet, I look up questions in Chicago and refer th

[Forum] RE: Permissible changes in quotations
[size=medium]I would definitely change the author's own words to follow a standard.  But as for quoted material, here is CMOS's relevant section:[/size] [size=medium][/size] [size=medium]note #6[/size] [size=medium]"Obvious typ

[Forum] RE: spelling out numbers
Thank you!

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