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[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
I prefer one space as well, and it absolutely kills me that APA 6 has moved back to recommending two spaces. I'm guessing this is one of the other guides you mentioned whisper. Switching from two spaces to one spaces is a snap with replace all (of course some things can get messed up, if the au

[Forum] RE: comma placement in title
Yeah, good question about how to actually make the space. Didn't think to include that. As far as I know there is no actual keyboard shortcut to a thin space in Word as of it's 2010 version. I read some other forum posts on this in other forums and tried their suggestions (e.g., using unicode 2

[Forum] RE: Bulleted list space
I haven't been able to find anything about this in CMOS yet. Apparently APA requires it (that is, the bullet list spacing should follow the rest of the manuscript). In the document I edit for work, we usually use 1.5 line spacing but 1 space in the bullet lists.

[Forum] RE: Double vs. single spacing between lines
I think you're confusing apples and applesauce. That is, manuscript prep versus final typeset pages: chapter two is about MS prep; the examples in chapter fourteen are of printed pages. Especially if the MS will be dealt with in hard copy, double spacing makes the work easier for our eyes (some o

[Forum] Ellipses spacing
User TK: But some of my publisher clients want regular periods and spaces, as in "inspiring#.#.#.#an immediate upgrade" and others want the ellipsis character (coded here as ): "inspiring##an immediate." But depending on the typeface used by the book's design, don't some ellipsis charact

[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
[quote='cheech1981' pid='5228' dateline='1335278618'] It also drives me nuts when schools write their dissertation guidelines and use APA guidelines such as the two spaces or double spacing for block quotes as final-manuscript guidelines. argh... [/quote] Tell me you're kidding . . . please! I

[Forum] Spacing Between Sentences
Double-spacing between sentences is not merely a holdover from typewriter/typesetter days. It serves the specific function of readability, particularly at higher speeds. Since these are pixels we're dealing in, there is no "waste" (excepting perhaps the time spent on the topic in this forum). E

[Forum] RE: tabbing for dialog
[quote='Crosstees' pid='25426' dateline='1445386558']But [if] you are preparing material that won't be typeset, and you want to make it readable, you should just set the paragraphs to some reasonable indent, maybe a standard 0.5 inch initial indent for each new paragraph.[/quote] If you're using

[Forum] RE: Suspension points/ellipsis character and spacing
[quote='tutenkharnage' pid='31254' dateline='1483565813'] According to [url=]CMOS 13.48[/url], the single-glyph character is "usually" marked by a space on each side. [/quote] Good point, Tut. If the single-glyph character came at the

[Forum] Suspension points/ellipsis character and spacing
I edit fiction, and authors use a lot of suspension points, particularly in dialogue. The publishers I work for prefer the ellipsis character MS Word autocorrects to, over spaced periods. Is there any consensus about whether to follow the points/ellipsis with a space? It's a moot point if you're

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