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[Forum] RE: Spelling out numbers in technical publication
I think it's an editorial judgment call. When I work on technical books, I differentiate between general numbers and technical numbers. In your sentence, I would spell out all the numbers, and I wouldn't abbreviate "inch" or put a comma after "or" (as this isn't a compound sentence, just a series of

[Forum] RE: number vs numbers
Thanks, RGJaxon. I agree with everything you said too. In this sentence really wrong, though? [b]7. The groups they encountered grew in numbers, while they lost soldiers in the fight.[/b] Can "numbers" be substituted to mean "members"? Or if it means "size," should it be changed to "number"

[Forum] RE: cardinal numbers under 10 presented as numerals
I agree that this seems wrong. I wonder if it was simply a misprint or typo and should have been "cardinal numbers higher than ten" or "cardinals numbers ten and up." I would definitely inquire with your boss, as this is a highly unusual directive and seems particularly egregious with a nontechn

[Forum] RE: Spelled-Out Numbers vs. Numerals
Welcome, RahmJ. I think the general rule at 9.2 applies here: spell out whole numbers one through one hundred. As I understand it, the categories guidance at 9.7 allows you to make certain exceptions to the rule to solve specific problems, but there's no problem here with spelling out both number

[Forum] RE: What to do with the journals, which don't have volume numbers, but 2 issue numbers?
[quote='Biblio_Ru' pid='40409' dateline='1596122686'] So the journal can have a 4(51) number on the title page. What to do with this? Just omit the second number? [/quote] That's what I'd do absent a compelling reason to do otherwise. The purpose of a reference is to allow the reader to easily

[Forum] RE: Numbers in Fiction
Hi, Oliver. Welcome to the forum. I'd handle it the same way you did. Numerals that are usually numerals (such as phone numbers, seat numbers, odd dollar amounts, and so forth) seem to scream to stay that way. In my opinion, spelling them seems to add a layer of awkwardness and unnaturalness that w

[Forum] RE: nine-one-one OR nine one one?
I totally concur with Diane. Presumably, you want the writing to be readable, but the spelled-out numbers really aren't very readable. Writersdigest may say that people speak in words, not numbers, but they don't know that when I say numbers I picture them as digits in my head. I think writing out o

[Forum] RE: Part Numbering
CMOS staff emailed me an answer: "Part numbers for a book are often numbered with roman numerals or spelled out simply to differentiate them from the arabic numerals used for chapter numbers. This organizational principle isnít set in stoneóthereís no rule against using arabic numerals for both part

[Forum] Numbers in Fiction
I'm aware of the CMOS rule about spelling out numbers in discourse (although I tend to disagree in some cases, like phone numbers or long, specific dollar amounts; thoughts?). But what about throughout the rest of a novel? Would you follow the general CMOS rules? Or spell all numbers out? He

[Forum] Quoted dialogue with numbers
Is it ever permissible to use numbers in quoted dialogue? I don't think so, because we speak in words, not numbers. Are there any exceptions to this rule (e.g., dates)? Or should it be: He said, "On February first, twenty ten, my wife gave (or "had given"?) birth to our first child." Th

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