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[Forum] RE: Italics with onomatopoeia and expressions
I would not italicize them.  They're being used as words, and the italics would distract from the meaning.  In some of your sentences, the exclamation mark is already indicating emphasis, so the italics would be redundant.  See this section:

[Forum] RE: Punctuation and italics
Huh. CMOS doesn't mention italics at all, does it? Well, I write fiction, and I often use italics for internal dialogue. And that's probably because that's the way I've often READ it in fiction, on the page. If it's published that way, it's good enough for somebody else; ergo, it's good enough f

[Forum] use of italics for quotes in flashback
In a novel: I am using italics for the character's inner thoughts. Should I use italics for dialogue in a flashback or use regular quotations marks? Thanks!

[Forum] Voice of God? Italics? No? what?
Okay. Help. This is a fiction book that already uses italics for internal dialogue. Now, about 6 chapters in, God starts talking. The author does not want to voice of God to be audible, but more like a strong impression in the character's heart. However, she has assigned it dialogue that frequen

[Forum] Italics?
Do I use italics of a ship's name or foreign word when the entire passage is already in italics (the passage is a quotation for a book)?

[Forum] Quoting italics inside italics
We have a literary magazine where book review's headings are setted in italics. Sometimes a title of a review includes the name of a book. The rule of using roman for this event is not pleasant for us, as the combination of typefaces is a little annoying, and we do prefer to maintain the italics

[Forum] RE: NOT using italics for non-English words
It's an interesting article, but since I don't subvocalize the italics for emphasis and just note them as signifiers of non-English words, they don't come across to me the same way they come across to others. I'd hate to read a work filled with an overabundance of italics, though.

[Forum] RE: Correct setting of a thought
Thanks much. I see a lot of variation in how much writers use italics. The only conclusion I can draw from my writers groups is that italics are a sort of lazy storytelling lite ... a way to give emphasis when the writing isn't good enough to tell the story. So I agree ... italics are OK, sparing

[Forum] RE: Quotes or reverse italics?
I'd use reverse italics too. Whenever something needs to be italicized but is within already italicized text, using reverse italics is the way to go. Quotation marks wouldn't make sense (to me, at least) under any circumstances.

[Forum] RE: use of italics for quotes in flashback
You might want to read this whole long thread about how to format internal thought. It is a controversial topic! CMOS says not to overuse italics. I know that there are authors who do this though. It is really up to yo

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