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[Forum] RE: Quotes or reverse italics?
It's actually both--in the bibliography the "Times" is mentioned in a book title; in the text it's in an italicized paragraph that must remain italicized. Sorry for the confusion.

[Forum] RE: (i.e., and e.g.) Do you italicize or not?
You are correct, BPP, as is Emmes -- they should not be italicized. CMOS did not make a mistake, as these abbreviations are italicized in 6.43 only because they are being referred to (in a sense, as words) and are not being used for their standard purpose.

[Forum] RE: Titles within Italicized Text
This sounds like a job for reverse italics—that is, put it in roman because it's surrounded by text that's already italicized. But the bigger question may be whether the surrounding text needs to be italicized. A quotation from a gossip column sounds like something I would typically want to forma

[Forum] RE: Italics?
Hi, Tremolino! Welcome to the forum! I think this might be what you're looking for: 8.171 Italicized terms and titles within titles Any term within an italicized title that would itself be italicized in running text—such as a foreign word, a genus name, or the name of a ship—should be set in

[Forum] RE: Possessive of italicized name
Here's the direct link: [url=]CMOS 7.28 Possessive with italicized or quoted terms[/url].

[Forum] RE: Explanatory brackets within italicized text
Thanks, as always, Pixna. I saw that entry, but I wasn't sure whether the contents should be italicized too, along with the brackets. A.

[Forum] Italicize possessives
The answer to your question is found in section 7.28 in the CMOS 16th edition. The name and the punctuation is italicized, but the possessive "s" is left in roman font. This is if the word itself is originally in roman and is not italicized.

[Forum] Italicized thoughts.
The character is thinking back to a conversation she had earlier. In her italicized thoughts, she recalls his exact words. I'd still have them in italics because they are her thoughts, but should they also be have quotation marks? Thanks.

[Forum] Italicizing Japanese honorific
Foreign words that aren't commonly found in an English dictionary should be italicized, but what is the rule regarding honorifics attached to names, such as Kazuhiro-senpai. Should "senpai" be italicized (at least the first time used) or set Roman? Thanks! Linda

[Forum] titles
According to CMOS 17.157, "Book titles and other normally italicized terms remain italicized within an article title." The example given that I think applies here (although in bibliography format) is: Loften, Peter. “Reverberations between Wordplay and Swordplay in [i]Hamlet[/i].” Aeolian Studies

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