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[Forum] Question mark vs. Exclamation
In this bit of dialogue the author uses an exclamation mark, however, I feel it should be a question mark. "And sometimes—why do you keep looking at me like I have a horn growing out of my forehead!" Jane actually stamped one of her feet. The dialogue begins as statement, but ends up being a q

[Forum] punctuation when a quote with an exclamation mark is part of a list of actions
I know the CMOS recommends omitting a comma when an exclamation point or question mark appears instead, but I'm unsure about this particular situation. Here is an example sentence: I was washing my hair, my sister was shouting from the hallway, "Don't use all the hot water!", my brother was eatin

[Forum] Italics, onomatopoeia, and punctuation
Here's a fun'un! This morning I've got two short stories from different writers going into the same anthology that both have this situation going on. "You step into the cannon and then [i]whammo![/i] You're flying across the room." Which text does the exclamation point "belong to"? The wham

[Forum] RE: Appositional "or"
An exclamation mark means "exclamation!". :)

[Forum] commas with "oh"
I'm editing an M/S now and there's a character that constantly uses the phrase "Oh, my heart!" The client writes it many different ways: with a comma, without, without an exclamation mark, with an exclamation mark. "Oh my heart!" "Oh, my heart." According to 6.37, a comma usually follows an e

[Forum] RE: When questions don't need question marks
Here's your answer (from the CMOS Q&A): Q. What’s the accepted usage when one wants to put both a question mark and an exclamation mark? For instance, “Who could blame him” is clearly a question, but in context becomes more like an exclamation. A. You can use an exclamation point. Readers will

[Forum] RE: Exclamation mark ends the quotation--which itself a question
Excellent! Thank you, Pixna. Lee P.S. The sign [i]is[/i] in all caps, and it [i]does[/i] have the exclamation mark. Thank you for the cautionary advice.

[Forum] RE: italics + quotation marks + exclamation points
Looking at a few books of fiction, I find that the exclamation point is in italics in similar cases.

[Forum] RE: Appositional "or"
I love these in-depth discussions because they help me clarify my own fuzziness in a lot of areas. And for the record, I didn't hear anyone "shouting." (Sometimes an exclamation mark is just an exclamation mark.)

[Forum] RE: Lowercase after mid-sentence exclamation?
Show us the original context, or else! It could be simplified, if the context allows it, to: This radical promise was given while she was still barren, and bonus, she was old. Exclamation marks are not welcome by all writers.

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