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[Forum] RE: Capitalization for near but not exact proper nouns
You're welcome. Yes, sometimes it seems like they try to be crazy just for crazy's sake.  But this is not crazy, I don't think.  It's just a slightly less conventional way to refer to those things, but still quite readable.

[Forum] RE: capitalization of sis
Those examples might be for a salutation in a letter or email (such as "Dear Employer," "Dear Friends," "Dear Family"). I wouldn't cap them in dialogue.

[Forum] RE: Foreign Ministry capitalization
You can also look at [url=]8.62: Legislative and deliberative bodies[/url]. I would tend to agree with you that lowercase is appropriate. But you should wait for others to comment before acting. I am not certain. Welcome to

[Forum] RE: Hyphenated fictional character name
[url=]CMOS 8.161[/url] covers hyphenation in headline-style capitalization, which is essentially what you're using here. I think your example is closest to "Lying-In Hospital," but I'm not sure.

[Forum] RE: RE: animal breeds and capitalization
I suggest you read this thread from four years ago. This is really an exact repeat of that conversation with exactly the same examples and arguments offered. There is no need to discuss this again.

[Forum] hyphenation and capitalization
Perhaps 8.159 answers this, but I'm trying to figure out whether or not to cap the "set" in "Mind-set." It seems 8.159 suggests that the "set" should be capped, but I guess the idea that the word doesn't really seem like a hyphenated compound (probably because it's often spelled "mindset") has me qu

[Forum] RE: Capitalization
I agree with Tut about lowercasing "keynote speaker" in running text. It's not a proper noun. I generally use headline style for headings. If that's what you're using, then you can follow the guidelines here: [url=]CMOS 8.157[/url].

[Forum] Capitalization of "medical"?
Should 'medical' be capitalized when used as follows in a military setting: "Not only did his superior need to clear him, but he had to get sign off from Medical as well."

[Forum] RE: capitalization of Black
And "Black" is referring to her race, not her color, therefore, #2 is correct: "tall Black woman"

[Forum] Citing online article
[size=medium][font=Times New Roman]Looks pretty good to me, specialkimi. A few suggestions: [list] [*]Omit the URL in text, and style [i]CNET [/i]like a journal: “This is the ride of my life,” Scheuermann was quoted saying on [i]CNET[/i]. “This is the roller coaster. This is skydiving. It’s just f

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