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[Forum] RE: Prepositions in an acronym
I don't think there is any such rule. There are many acronyms that include prepositions. Perhaps you're thinking of capitalization rules in titles, where the prepositions are not capitalized.

[Forum] RE: em dash, capitalization?
Hi, and welcome to the forum! To address the question, I really don't think the dash is needed in that last quotation. Were it mine to edit, I would just delete any that are used that way. (You do, of course, want the dash in that first one.)

[Forum] RE: Capitalization of battles
Notch another vote for "battles," lowercase. The "cities" example seems quite parallel, and one obviously would not cap that. Not to mention that "Battles" just looks weird.

[Forum] RE: courthouse capitalization a[[rp[roate?
But in this case we are referencing that specific courthouse, not a generic courthouse. That is where the disagreement lies.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization for near but not exact proper nouns
You're welcome. Yes, sometimes it seems like they try to be crazy just for crazy's sake.  But this is not crazy, I don't think.  It's just a slightly less conventional way to refer to those things, but still quite readable.

[Forum] RE: capitalization of sis
Those examples might be for a salutation in a letter or email (such as "Dear Employer," "Dear Friends," "Dear Family"). I wouldn't cap them in dialogue.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization for movie genre: western or Western?
MW unabridged specifies "Western" for movies. This does not generalize to other genres, e.g. horror or drama.

[Forum] hyphenation and capitalization
Perhaps 8.159 answers this, but I'm trying to figure out whether or not to cap the "set" in "Mind-set." It seems 8.159 suggests that the "set" should be capped, but I guess the idea that the word doesn't really seem like a hyphenated compound (probably because it's often spelled "mindset") has me qu

[Forum] RE: RE: animal breeds and capitalization
I suggest you read this thread from four years ago. This is really an exact repeat of that conversation with exactly the same examples and arguments offered. There is no need to discuss this again.

[Forum] RE: Foreign Ministry capitalization
You can also look at [url=]8.62: Legislative and deliberative bodies[/url]. I would tend to agree with you that lowercase is appropriate. But you should wait for others to comment before acting. I am not certain. Welcome to

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