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An undertaking such as the publication of The Chicago Manual of Style, which strives to codify the best practices of an institution and an industry, must be an effort of many hands and many voices if it is to succeed. This edition has benefited from the carefully crafted recommendations—some broad, some minute, all essential—of a legion of publishing professionals. At the same time, it was equally essential that those recommendations be compared, vetted, and applied in a consistent manner and with a clear vision, a challenging task performed in exemplary fashion by this edition’s principal reviser, Russell David Harper.
       A preliminary outline as well as the entire penultimate draft of the manuscript was read and commented on by an advisory board representing various communities of readers:

David Bevington, Department of English, University of Chicago
William Germano, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
John Hevelin, Publications Consultant
Alex Holzman, Temple University Press
Beth Luey, Editorial Consultant
Evan Owens, Portico
Margaret Perkins, New England Journal of Medicine
Nancy Perry, Bedford/St. Martin’s
Oona Schmid, American Anthropological Association
Sem Sutter, University of Chicago Library
Robert Wald, Department of Physics, University of Chicago

       We would like to thank the many experts who contributed to our coverage of languages: T. David Brent, Erik Carlson, Wendy Doniger, Teresa Fagan, Ariela Finkelstein, Victor Friedman, Kathleen Hansell, Wadad Kadi, Elsi Kaiser, Kathryn Krug, John Lipski, Line Mikkelsen, Carol Neidle, Christina von Nolcken, Eizaburo Okuizumi, David Pharies, Thomas Shannon, Malynne Sternstein, Anna Szabolcsi, Ivey Pittle Wallace, and Yuan Zhou. We are indebted to Brian Albrecht, Dean Blobaum, Michael Brehm, Deborah Bruner, Anthony Crouch, Keir Graff, Rich Hendel, Todd Pollak, and Deb Wong for their formative input on coverage of production for both print and electronic publications; to Diana Gillooly, Michael Koplow, Diane Lang, and Sharon Jennings for their advice on mathematics; and to Leslie Keros and Carol Anne Meyer for their guidance on documentation. We are also grateful to Perry Cartwright and Lolly Gasaway for their review of copyright and permissions material; to Molly Balikov, Michael Brondoli, Jean Eckenfels, Fred Kameny, Randy Petilos, and Angela Yokoe for their insights on a variety of particular style matters; and to others, too many to name individually, who responded to queries and informal polls about specific sections of the manual. We also owe a particular debt to Bryan A. Garner and William S. Strong for their authorship of whole chapters.
       Within the University of Chicago Press, special thanks go to Mary E. Laur and David Morrow, who oversaw the revision process, reviewed the many incarnations of the manuscript, and kept the print and online editions on track for simultaneous publication; to Susan Allan, Carol Kasper, Sylvia Mendoza, John Muenning, Carol Fisher Saller, Anita Samen, and Jill Shimabukuro for their essential role in shaping the manuscript; to Rossen Angelov, Eric Gamazon, Ellen Gibson, Debra D. Hebda, and Courtney Turlington for their leadership in developing the online edition; to Paul Schellinger, who sponsored the project; and to Garrett Kiely, who fostered the environment of collegiality and professionalism within which this effort took place. Many other staff members contributed their knowledge and skills at various stages of the process: Laura Andersen, Matt Avery, Kira Bennett, Erik Carlson, Lindsay Dawson, Erin C. DeWitt, Katherine M. Frentzel, Mary Gehl, Ruth Goring, Sandra Hazel, David Jiambalvo, Dustin Kilgore, Kailee R. Kremer, Ryan Li, Renaldo Migaldi, David O’Connor, Patricia O’Shea, Mark Reschke, Christopher Rhodes, Maia Rigas, Christina Samuell, Joel Score, Ed Scott, Rhonda Smith, Isaac Tobin, Maia Wright, and Aiping Zhang. On behalf of the press, Christine Gever proofread the book, and Margie Towery prepared the index.
       On a final note, this edition is in many ways most indebted to Catharine Seybold (1915–2008) and Bruce Young (1917–2004), who compiled the landmark twelfth edition of this manual as well as the thirteenth, to John Grossman, who compiled the fourteenth edition, and to Margaret Mahan, who was responsible for the fifteenth. It is to their high standard for what has come to be known as “Chicago style” that we have looked in preparing this, the sixteenth edition of the manual.
The University of Chicago Press Staff
Spring 2010