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7: Spelling, Distinctive Treatment of Words, and Compounds

Chapter Contents» Italics, Capitals, and Quotation Marks» Computer Terms

7.75Distinguishing words to be typed and other elements

When a greater prominence than capitalization is called for, boldface, italics, color, or some other scheme may be used to distinguish elements. A single treatment may be applied across different types of elements. In general, avoid quotation marks lest they be interpreted as part of the element they enclose. If quotation marks must be used, any punctuation that is not part of the quoted expression should appear outside the quotation marks (as in the second example; see also 6.9).

To insert a thorn, choose Symbol from the Insert tab, then enter 00FE in the character code field.
Click on Save As; name your file “appendix A, v. 10”.

Directory paths, file names, variables, and other computer-related syntax are sometimes distinguished by a monospaced font such as Courier.

Use $OLDPWD to indicate your previous working directory.

For related matters in computer writing, see Eric S. Raymond, “Hacker Writing Style,” in The New Hacker’s Dictionary (bibliog. 5).