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With a straightforward and intuitive interface, The Chicago Manual of Style Online makes finding the information you need easy. Just log in to access the complete content of The Chicago Manual of Style and the unique My Manual personalization features.

“I can search and find topics much more easily than using the book. The best part is tagging items so I can find them quickly the next time I need to refer to them.”
Lea, lead technical editor and writer in Seattle, WA

There are several ways to find the content you need in the Manual. You can use the fully hyperlinked table of contents or the index to jump to any chapter or paragraph. Use the search box in the upper right-hand corner to find specific words and phrases, or search by paragraph number.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online uses Google search technology to provide you with comprehensive results returned in order of relevance. You can choose to receive results from either the 16th or 15th edition of the Manual. You can also search the Chicago Style Q&A, the Forum, or any content you have created with the My Manual features.

“I love that there are several different ways I can search (look at the index, use the search box using different combos of key words, etc.). And it’s nice to not have to swivel around, find the print version, find a place on my desk to open it, find what I want in the index. . . . With Chicago online, I just have to hit Alt-Tab, and search away.”
Erin, freelance editor in Kittery, ME