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[PDF] Table 12.4
... ʹ ¹ prime superscript 1 Use apostrophe for prime if no prime available.
In handwritten formulas, take care to distinguish prime ...

14.19: Numbers in text versus numbers in notes
... 14.19 Numbers in text versus numbers in notes. Note reference numbers in text
are set as superior (superscript) numbers. In the notes ...

Figure 3.24
... The heads are defined in a general note to the table. Notes to specific parts of
the table are indicated by superior (superscript) letters. See 3.84, 3.77. ...

[PDF] Table 12.1
... Partial differential 2202 \partial ∆ Increment, Laplace operator 2206 \triangle ∇
Nabla, del; also Laplace operator (with superscript 2) 2207 \nabla ...

3.77: Notes to specific parts of a table
... For notes that apply to specific parts of a table, superior (superscript) letters,
numbers, or symbols may be used; one system should be used consistently ...

12.36: Simple subscripts and superscripts
... Inferior and superior indices, exponents, and other subscript and superscript symbols
occur very frequently in mathematical copy and are indispensable for ...

9.42: Numerals for monarchs, popes, and so forth
... In continental European practice, the numeral is sometimes followed by a period
(eg, Wilhelm II.) or a superscript (eg, François Ier) indicating that the ...

12.43: Radical signs
... The radical sign may be used to denote cube and higher-order roots. For these roots,
a superscript-sized number or letter is nested within the radical sign: ...

12.46: Fractions in display
... In displayed mathematical expressions, all fractions should be built up unless they
are part of a numerator or denominator or in a subscript or superscript: ...

7.68: Octaves
... are designated by lowercase letters: c, c♯, d, . . . , a♯, b. Octaves from middle
C up are designated with lowercase letters bearing superscript numbers or ...

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