Q. Hi. I’m creating a handout for students that’s kind of a quick guide to simple kinds of citations following CMOS and referring them to their copies of CMOS for more info. I’m having trouble finding your preference for television show citations. I can find info on citing them within a text or for citing reviews, but how about citing the actual program in a bibliography?

A. Here goes:

Friends. Episode no. 153, first broadcast 16 November 2000 by NBC. Directed by David Schwimmer and written by Scott Silveri.

This gives very basic, but fundamental information (information that’s often readily available on the web, but it’s a good idea to verify the accuracy of such information by checking several sources): Which episode? When did it first air? Who wrote the “teleplay”? Who directed it? What network was it produced for? I did not include “the nature of the material” (television show) because I am imagining a hypothetical readership that would be familiar with, if not Friends in particular, NBC broadcasts in general. I also did not include how long the episode is; if that information were vital for some reason, it could be included. The facts necessary to retrieve it from an Internet source such as are simply Friends and either the episode number or the (original) broadcast date.