Capitalization, Titles

Q. Are there any exceptions to paragraph 8.168 in CMOS 16, which states that the “the” in newspaper and magazine titles should be lowercase and roman? I’ve seen some publications keep the article uppercase (i.e., The New Yorker). Thanks for your insight.

A. It has been our policy for decades to recommend that any initial “the” in the titles of periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers) be subsumed by the surrounding text or simply dropped, depending on circumstances.

The New Yorker’s cartoons are great for people on the go, like me. I can justify the subscription without having to feel bad about not reading the articles.

When I read the Times, I pretend not to see the crossword puzzle. I have enough work to do as it is.

In notes and bibliographies, an initial “the” is omitted:

Korte, Tim. “Jordan Lifts Wizards” (AP), Washington Post, March 27, 2003.

Publications like The Chicago Manual of Style—in other words, books—are not subject to this rule.