Update Your IP Range or Request Usage Statistics

IP Ranges

To update your IP range, please send an email to cmoshelpdesk@press.uchicago.edu listing the IP ranges you’d like to add and/or the ranges you would like to delete. We will then respond when the ranges have been updated.

Usage Statistics

You can view the usage statistics and turnaway reports for your IP-based subscription by logging into the report portal at http://reports.chicagomanualofstyle.com/inst/inst.html. To request your log-in and password for this section, please email us at cmoshelpdesk@press.uchicago.edu.

CMOS Online usage statistics reports display a cumulative, monthly count of “page views,” which is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.

CMOS Online usage statistics have not been audited by COUNTER therefore cannot be considered COUNTER-compliant.