15th EditionAcknowledgments

We are indebted first to Catharine Seybold and Bruce Young, who compiled the pathbreaking twelfth edition of this manual as well as the thirteenth edition, and to John Grossman, who compiled the fourteenth. Their efforts set a high standard that we have sought to emulate in the present edition, which was principally revised by Margaret Mahan.
       Over the course of the revision, we have benefited from the advice of scholars, authors, and publishing professionals who reviewed material in their areas of expertise or offered fruitful suggestions. These include Ria Ahlström, Susan Allan, Michael Allen, Bruce Barton, Rudolph M. Bell, Laurence L. Bongie, Michael Boudreau, Therese Boyd, T. David Brent, Joseph Brown, Thomas Cable, Gordon Calhoun, Erik Carlson, Perry Cartwright, Rachel Chance, Alicja Chwals, Charlie Clark, Everett Conner, Bruce D. Craig, Anthony Crouch, Bruce O. Dancik, Philippe Desan, Erin DeWitt, Janet Dodd, Wendy Doniger, Fred Donner, Andrei Draganescu, Kate Duff, Jean Eckenfels, Richard Eckersley, Janet Emmons, June P. Farris, Thomas Fischer, Mark Fowler, Beth Garrison, Constance Hale, Holly Halliday, Terence Halliday, Kathleen Hansell, Eugene Harnack, Anthony Hoskins, Joann Hoy, Bob Hudnut, Cheryl Iverson, Tiger Jackson, Elizabeth Jewell, Leslie Keros, Michael Koplow, Kathryn Kraynik, Kathryn Krug, Josh Kurutz, Barbara Lamb, Karen Larsen, John Lipski, Gordon Meade, Julia Melvin, Ineke Middeldorp-Crispijn, Tess Mullen, Nancy Mulvany, David Nadziejka, Jeff Newman, Christina von Nolcken, Eizaburo Okuizumi, Donald Oshea, David Pharies, Cameron Poulter, Brian Prestes, Mary Beth Protomastro, Frank Reynolds, Claudia Rex, Robert J. Richards, Norma Roche, Carol Saller, Jessie Scanlon, Christine Schwab, Lys Ann Shore, Brian Simpson, Barbara Sivertsen, Beverly Sperring, Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz, Marta Steele, Sem Sutter, Martin Tanner, Sandy Thatcher, John W. Velz, Lila Weinberg, Paul Wheatley, Martin White, Bob Williams, Bruce Young, and Yuan Zhou. We are also grateful to others, too many to name individually, who responded to queries and informal polls about specific sections of the manual.
       The entire penultimate draft of the manuscript was read by the members of our Advisory Board, a panel of experts representing various communities of readers:

Howard S. Becker, San Francisco
David Bevington, Department of English, University of Chicago
David Stanford Burr, St. Martins Press
Patricia L. Denault, Harvard University
Bryan A. Garner, LawProse Inc.
Ann Goldstein, New Yorker
John Hevelin, Sun Microsystems
Deanna LaValle High, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
Mary Knoblauch, Chicago Tribune
Ruth Melville, Editor
June Smith, Houghton Mifflin
Justine Burkat Trubey, R. R. Donnelley and Sons
B. Tommie Usdin, Mulberry Technologies Inc.
Robert Wald, Department of Physics, University of Chicago

       We acknowledge with thanks the work of those who contributed chapters or parts of chapters to this edition: Geraldine Brady, Jenni Fry, Bryan A. Garner, DeLloyd J. Guth, Greg Hajek, Russell Harper, Sylvia Mendoza Hecimovich, Sharon Jennings, Jane Jiambalvo, Mary E. Laur, Mary E. Leas, John Muenning, Colleen Mullarkey, Margaret Perkins, Anita Samen, Jill Shimabukuro, Lys Ann Shore, Steven N. Shore, Philip Smith, Julie Steffen, William S. Strong, Ivey Pittle Wallace, and Martin L. White.
       Within the University of Chicago Press, special thanks go to Linda J. Halvorson and Mary E. Laur, who coordinated the entire process after the departure of Penelope Kaiserlian in July 2001. Many others have contributed their knowledge and skills to the project on a continuing basis: from manuscript editing, Margaret Perkins and Anita Samen; from production and design, Sylvia Mendoza Hecimovich and Jill Shimabukuro; from information technology, John Muenning and Evan Owens; from marketing, Ellen Gibson and Carol Kasper; and from the press administration, A. M. (Lain) Adkins and Mary Summerfield. Amy Collins and Christopher Rhodes provided editorial assistance. M. Sue Ormuz, Siobhan Drummond, and Michael Brehm contributed to various aspects of the production process. Alice Bennett copyedited the final manuscript. On behalf of the press, Jenni Rom proofread the book, and Margie Towery prepared the index.
Paula Barker Duffy
Director, The University of Chicago Press
Spring 2003